05 September 2005

Day 4 Morning

Update: the place we are going to is called Belle Chasse Naval Air Station, just south of New Orleans.

FACT: I-10 is closed to all but military and law enforcement traffic after a certain point.

(I’m going to update my definition of “facts”: Items labeled FACT is information I’ve received from my official Army chain of command. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will turn out to be true, but it’s certainly more reliable than a “rumor.”)

RUMOR: There will be no cell phone service once we move south of here. So don’t be surprised if this is my last post for a while.

I’m actually blogging from a moving Army vehicle. Amazing.

I wonder what the fording depth on a deuce and a half is. I know it’s 30“ on a 5-ton. Need to check the manual.