01 June 2009

AT 09--Day 4 Continued 2


The group that went through today (there are four groups and four days) did a really good job. The were very hard to ruffle, remained professional, and were never rude. When I was an innocent bystander in a firefight, they pulled me to safety but did not let me get away. When I was a maniac with a bomb in my car I wasn't able to get near the base and managed to kill only one of them, at most. Unfortunately my stupid bomb didn't go off, and I had to shout ';boom.'; It's supposed to shoot talcum powder everywhere, but something's wrong with it. Disappointing. OPFOR's an easy gig. We don't have to report until 0900 tomorrow, so this is basically a 9-to-5 job. I guess it pays to be an old fart sometimes.