24 October 2005

Blog reposted

I’ve put back all of the completed blog entries. I don’t know if I’ll fill in the rest of the story; that will probably depend on whether there’s interest. So let me know.

Lots and lots and lots of pictures from our deployment are now up at http://zarquon.staticcling.org/1344. Hopefully, the picture site will improve over time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sargeant Moron, tell the whole story! Why dont you tell these people how you suck as a leader? and how you physically pushed a junior enlisted personnel. Tell them how your poor decision making forced the true leadership to relieve you of being in charge of anything! You don't come first dummy! your troops do! And in what 16 years?, you still haven't figured it out.Your "blog" makes the entire Illinois national guard look incompitent, tell it like it is, you didn't like the way things were done because you didnt get to decide anything! You want to see true incompitence? Look in a mirror!!! You weren't given platoon sargeant because of your skills, the guard had no choice, the real leadership went to Iraq.
On another note refering to the listing of names, No you should not list names or the incident, for the simple fact there was still an inqiury going on as to what happened! How you got staff is beyond me, your a private on a power trip! Grow up dummy!!!

Calion said...

How very deeply odd. A lot of what "anonymous" says has some truth to it. I was relieved from command, though not for "poor decision making," as the poster claims, but because I was too rough on some soldiers. I don't recall the pushing incident mentioned, but if it did happen, I sincerely apologize; that sort of behavior is unacceptable except under the most extreme of circumsances, which did not apply here.

I do find it both amusing and frustrating that whoever this is can only tell me these things hiding behind an anonymous post, months after it would have done any good. Of course, the insults would not have been appropriate in a military environment, but I'm always open to constructive criticism. I doubt that this was written by one of "my" troops in the Detachment; I hope that they all know that I'm always open to suggestions.

As for "tell[ing] the whole story," this blog is a highly selective version of what went on down there, taking particular care not to be too critical of the organization or its leadership. "The whole story" would have to include the Equal Opportunity complaints against members of the senior leadership, the fact that preventative maintenance was almost never done, and several other things of that nature that I didn't think appropriate to put here.

Calion said...

P.S. As for the posting of names, I don't, if you read the post of mine that this is referring to, think that I'm the dummy here. What I said was:

"A soldier got injured last night by falling off the step of a truck onto her head on the asphalt. She was conscious and making sense when the medics took her away; hopefully she’ll be alright. I’m not going to post her name, if I do at all, until we know what her status is and give her a chance to notify her family. Those that need to know will be told, don’t worry.

On a related note: I’m really not sure how I feel about posting other soldiers’ names here. On the one hand, there are privacy issues, but on the other, I’m sure that relatives would be pleased to see their soldier’s name appear here. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?"

Obviously, to anyone intelligent enough to actually read what was written, I was asking whether, ~in general,~ I should post the names of other soldiers, for instance if they did something interesting or amusing. I had already said I wasn't going to release the injured soldier's name yet.

P.P.S. When, in my blog, did I say I didn't like how things were done, or accuse anyone of incompetence? I was trying to be as even-handed as possible, reporting what happened without negative comment.