13 September 2005

Blog Ends

The military has asked me to stop blogging on this site.

Instead, here are some pictures.




Walt said...

To all the SMs out there reading this: Are you comfortable with this kind of censorship? Is this in line with the oath you took to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution...?" Just a thought.

XXX said...

Nice blog, keep up the good work!
Your blog is creative.

Parentheticus said...

Too bad about the shut down. . . . Perhaps you can publish it all later, when you get back home.

Calion said...

The main problem that the leadership had (apparently discussions about this blog had gone all the way up and down the chain) was that it was in violation of Joint Ethics regulations against accepting money apart from your pay in return for performing your regular duties. So the primary problem was the donation link. However, I didn't know this when I was told to "stop using this site," so I took it all down. Then the Captain and Sergeant Major had a nice chat with me and said that no, they couldn't technically prevent me from blogging, but would I do the Sergeant Major a favor and leave it down, because someone somewhere might think that something I might write might possibly constitute an OPSEC violation? How do you say no to such a request? You can't. For someone who values their career, a "favor" like that from your commander and Battalion Sergeant Major is tantamount to an order. I've asked to speak to JAG about this, but so far nothing's happened. The Brigade Commander told me when he was down here that "I thought it [the blog] was a good idea, myself."

So whatever. I will almost certainly repost what was already up there when I get home, but I haven't had the incentive to keep writing every day. So maybe I'll post a summary. Any thoughts?

Calion said...

Amusing. Apparently the only person who still has a problem with this blog is my mother, who constantly, incessantly, infuriatingly, begs, pleads, insists, demands, and orders me to "take the site down," apparently because of my comment explaining the death of the blog. Go figure.

Michele said...

Keep writing please.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, is wrong with this blog.
Maybe it's too good???
Moms....no matter what your age, they always worry about their kids. :-)