01 June 2009

AT 09--Day 3 continued

that slice right through armor, then explodes into whatever is behind it--namely the crew compartment. Wicked. We saw some horrifying videos from ogrish.com that were taken by insurgents (interestingly, one video called them ';the resistance';--but that's another post). One of them showed an APC with about 10 guys riding on top that got blown up by a bomb placed under a bridge--bodies flying everywhere. Scary stuff. The scariest thing is that now they're using an old Soviet hand grenade designed to pierce vehicle armor. There were scenes showing someone just walking up to an armored vehicle on the move and throwing it at it, taking it out. Then we went out and tried to find IEDs that the instructors had emplaced on a road. We missed the first few until we stopped looking for evidence of their prescence and started looking for places we might put them--which was the point. Someone mentioned that it reminded her of a deadly Easter egg hunt.